Love yo'self

Have you got a daughter between 7 and 16 who finds it hard to find clothes she feels good in? That reflect HER style? Perhaps you are this lovely daughter? We know that it can be hard to find beautiful clothing for this age, so we created a handmade, ethical and sustainable option for you to browse...


Salty skin, wet hair, linen dress, bare feet

We believe in slowing down and breathing in deep, and taking a step back from chasing the newest, latest or 'must-have'...we believe in consuming less and choosing quality over quantity. Does that sound strange for a fashion label? Read our Journal to discover more about our journey of slow, mindful, conscious living...


Don't iron your linen, unless you want to- we don't!

Don't know about you, but we are too busy living our awesome lives to worry about boring things like ironing...we want you to let the lucious texture of your linen shine, so pop over to check out our fabric care suggestions.


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